Summer Competition Teams - 2018-2019

Team Name Team Leader Contact Number
Group A
Boral Bangers Teegan Snow 0427067866
Butter Chicken Danielle Cogle 0412574844
Campbell's Cougars Wayne Revell 0448282131
CHS Training Melissa Hayes 0448920098
Grafton High Ryan Martin 0432094995
Grass Hoppers Kate Shaw 0402708588
Misfits Bevan Pugh 0411580873
Old Guns Jenny Cotton 0419831507
Oops Tania Jones 0401017316
Poles and Holes Tina Vitolins 0419168439
River Rats Dion Durrington 0466272535
Shockers Gavin Cox 0481224283
South Lee Skinner 0410791089
Taxi Vaders Daniel Lowe 0435054933
The Mob Leslie Taylor 0426451561
The Supremes Josh Brown 0419633131
Total Graffiti Judy Andrews 0428092588
Tradelink Terry Bell 0412048530
Valley Signs Michael McIvor 0414366505
Wii Not Fit Tina Mawhinney 0431426242
Group B
Elders Michael Salvestro 0421614607
Laser Sharks Lee Miles-Ward 0400421030
Monday Knights John Gorrie 0413959059
Notso Athletico Shannon Tough 0420907629
Optus Red Frogs Samantha Davies 0466889446
The Hardware Shed Trent Dickson 0439603009