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Supa Oldie Soccer

Summer Round 16

The Mob lost to the Roadrunners 5-2 in a game where the women played a big part in the result esp Leslie Taylor and Donna Edwards who along with Ryan Jameson got picked as best players. 

Hardas beat Wowies 5-3 with Melissa Bender and N Hayward got match honours.

South Services Club and Campbell Cougars had a very sociable but competitive game with South Club starting with only 5 players with Cougars sharing some players creating lots of banter in the game,  it was even until the last minutes when South got 2 quick goals making it 4-2 , M Heron and M Oxenbridge got match honours. 

Tyre Power Pros beat Kaos 9-2 with Kaos having only 4 players but both teams played in good spirits,  plenty of goals scored by the women,  thanks to Matty for switching teams,  Olivia and Matt D were player's players with the ref picking Muzz. 

Grasshoppers played the Oddballs in a one sided game with Oddballs dominating but with 9 against 7 this was to be expected, 5-0 end score with A Thompson and A Fletcher getting match honours with the refs pick being Lulu Turner. 

Oops and Winnmill Campers had a very casual game with Oops getting up by 5-3 , Sharyn Bagster had an awesome game by becoming a "pothole" , everytime the ball came near her it hit her,  Skye Sears and S Bagster got picked as best players. 

Boral Bangers and CHS training had an even game with Boral having the majority of the ball but chs had a strong defense which kept the game close,  scoring title for tat goals resulting in a 2 all draw,  Luis and Misty got match honours with the refs pick being Desan. 

Asgardians played Shockers had a great game with the Shockers showing good sportsmanship who gave Asgardians a sporting chance making for a fun game,  Shockers took the win 3-1, M Gallagher and G Hamilton getting match honours with the refs pick being M Gallagher and A Daffey. 

Blue Jays beat Hackers in a high scoring game 6-1, Blue Jays played in the spirit of the game lending players and letting the women run with the ball,  the goal keeping was outstanding,  great friendly game by both teams,  T Nacinouk and Dion Durrington got match honours with the refs pick being Peter Harper. 

South High United and Coutties had a 4 all draw in an even game,  Tim Keogh and Zac Page couldn't work out who should have the ball,  getting in each other Wayland taking the ball of each other,  defenders Ton and Peter for the Coutties scored beautiful own goals by turning their backs to the ball and knocking it into their own goal,  Johnston and R Grieves got match honours. 

Misfits and Old Guns had a nice battle of the purple teams,  Old Guns struck early with the Misfits equalising straight after,  Old Guns was 2-1 up in the first half but 2 late goals to the Misfits saw them winning 3-2, T Roberts and B Collison were picked as player's players. 

Wisdom and Total Graffiti had a hard even fought contest with Graffiti going up a goal but a quick fire double by S Diaz got Wisdom in front and with some solid defending they kept it that way till the final whistle, R Sheather and M Howard got match honours with the refs pick being S Diaz. 

Valley Signs and Poles and Holes had a great game of football with both sides kicking the ball around well, Brad was on fire scoring a hattrick before half time,  Jess Butler and Mark Moran added a goal each,  Michael Beehag and Pedro scored one each for Valley Signs making the score 5-2 for P&H , special mention  to Beehag for falling over his own feet and Amy Morgan for eating protein bugs and nearly vomiting,  players players were M McIvor and M Gibson with the ref picking  "Sneaky" Pete Taylor. 

Last but not least was Something Awesome playing First National and Something Awesome booking their first win ever in a one sided scoreline that did not show the true contest of the game from both teams that were both missing players, plenty of laughs and banter was had as the ball went from end to end,  final score 9-1 to Something Awesome,  R English and T Davies got Match honours. 

Grafton SOS NewsLetter
Number 1


Summer Round 15


Wowies and South Services had an extremely fun game,  Ainsley was thanked for filling in,  plenty of silky skills from all players,  score was 3-2 for  a Wowie win,  match honours were illegible and the ref picked N Hayward. 

Roadrunners played Winnmill Campers in a good hard fair game with Winnmill coming away as the victors,  a great effort by the Roadrunners scoring "only" 4 , going down by 1 with only 7 players and Terry Deefholts filling in for the Winnmills , Nicky Tait had a blinder down the right side troubling the defence and scoring the first goal, Scot Anderson and Nicky Tait got match honours with the refs pick being nicky as well. 

The Mob and Campbell Cougars had a game of to and fro with both sides going from end to end,  a few sneaky goals to Campbell Cougars had them up 2 nil at half time,  a close game in the end with the Mob getting a late goal,  2-1 for the Cougars, Kaycee Wilson and R Taylor were player's players with the ref picking Kaycee as well. 

South High United beat the Oddballs 6-3 in a game where Mark Blundell from Sth High scored the first 2 goals one for each team,  Matt McKee and Peter Fysh got match honours with the refs pick being Amy Fletcher. 

First National and Total Graffiti played out a high scoring game, 6-4 for TG,  Lee Warren opened the account for First National even though she was wearing Shan's boots,  TG played wit some extra playersstruck back to lead at half time,  Shan needs to learn the difference between men's and women's rules so the ref gave him a yellow card to help him to get it , the female players were the only players to put in an effort,  match honours went to Tiffany and Rick Lumsoon with the ref picking Lee Warren. 

Asgardians played the Coutties in a game where the Coutties dominated but just could not score,  great sportsmanship  from both sides particularly Zac Page,  scoreline in favour of the Asgardians 2-1 , a few misses in front of goal cost Coutties the win,  players players were Ena Gale and Rach Summers with the refs pick being Zac Page. 

Something Awesome lost to the Hackers 5-3 in a very close game with Glenn scoring 4 times , match honours went to Sam Come and L McPhee. 

Wisdom and CHS training had a very skilled game with lots of back and forth,  some great chances were created even though it was hard getting through some solid defending,  Wisdom got the upper hand with 4 goals to the 2 for CHS,  match honours went to S Granger and A Carroll. 

Grasshoppers played Old Guns in an exciting affair with Old Guns winning 4-3 , Brett Collison worked it out by playing for the Grasshoppers away from the sun and then playing for the Old Guns in the second half again with the sun at his back,  match honours went to Kate Shaw and Brett Collison with the refs pick being Megan Nelson. 

Hardas beat Valley Signs in a fun game with the experience of Hardas helping them to score more as Valley Signs had plenty of opportunities but just couldn't finish,  player's players were I Davies and K Chalker. 

Boral Bangers played Oops in a very relaxed game with the Boral keeper enjoying his drink sitting down leaning against a goal post,  Oops were to good with player of the match going to Hellen Wright with being a goalie in the first half and scoring a hat trick in the second half,  7-2 end score,  L Meats was the other player picked as outstanding. 

Misfits and Kaos had a good game on the rejuvenated main field,  it wasn't until super sub Lulu came on to open the scoring,  Michael Chapman came out of goal and added his name to the score card,  a one all draw is how it finished,  player's players were The Roberts and C Dougherty with the refs pick being Charlie Dougherty as well. 

Tyre Power Pros played Poles &Holes in a high scoring affair where P&H got one more than TPP , 7-6 the end score with the only incident the ref noted was Jess Butler getting hit by a sniper as she took a dive with the nearest players being more than 10 meters away , match honours went to Amy Blanch and Amy Morgan. 

Blue Jays and Shockers played the late game under difficult conditions with both teams handling it well,  Shockers won 3-1 but the energy of all players was great,  Paul Winters couldn't kick the ball straight with wife Trish giving him a hard time, Trish Winters and A Duffey got match honours with the refs pick being Guy Hamilton.