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Summer Round 9
Christmas Report


The following is the SOS Christmas report:

Group B started with Monday Knights vs Elders. With three loan players (Pete from Elders, Pom and Baxter from Notso Athletico) the game was played fair and hard with a 2 to 2 draw.

Next had Notso Athletico vs The Laser Sharks. The game was very fast flowing but with Sharks fielding 7 player, conceding goals was only a matter of time. A stunning setup from Shanon Tough to Lee ‘Pom’ Stutt and again for Col Baxter. The final score 4 to 0, Noso Athletico’s way. Optus Red Frogs vs The Hardware Shed  played an entertaining game end to end. First blood was a lucky goal from Tim Tilse. Scott Anderson then gave a great ball to Samantha Davies who sealed a half volley into the net for Optus Red Frogs. The final score 1 to 1, a well fought draw.


Group A had the Misfits short staffed 3 players up against CHS Training. Half time had them 0 to 2 down, however a resurgence from B Pugh pulled them ahead to finish 2 to 4 Misfits way. Souths vs Old Guns was a slow start with numbers missing. Old Guns were ahead the first half 1 to 0. Then a goal from the Old Guns Chris Powell and a instant return from Aaron Web ended the match 2 to 1 the Old Guns way. Valley Signs 11 players vs Grass Hoppers 5 players gave very bad odds. Valley Signs were too strong ending the game 5 to 2. Wii Not Fit vs the River Rats had the referee commenting that it was “A great game of skill or not”. Plenty of back and forth with the ball ending the game the River Rats way 2 to 1. Total Graffiti vs Butter Chicken was a level game of skill played with great spirit. With Clay from Total Graffiti accidently giving away free kicks, the game ended a 2 to 2 draw. Tradelink with 8 players vs The Mob with 6 still delivered a very even first half. The game ending 3 to 1 to Tradelink in what the referee referred to as a well deserved win. Oops vs Taxivader was a even paced game with Oops fielding only 6 players. Interestingly they finished with 6 goals. Final score 6 to 4, Oops way. Finally Poles & Holes vs Shockers was a even game with both having fill-in goal keepers due to Poles having 6 players and Shockers having 7. The final score Shockers way 3 to 2.


The Christmas party then kicked into full swing with the teams vouchers for drinks and food being put to very good use. Woody was kept very busy on the Action Hire courtesy bus, keeping us all safe. The night had its closing with a spectacular light show put on by the heavens. Super Oldies Soccer wishes to thank all their members, family and friends for another Super successful year. We look forward to a new year with new lights for three fields.


Merry Christmas and the happiest new year.


Thank you




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